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Call for Youth Research Academy Consultant

ActionAid Zambia

This is a Full-time position in Zambia posted 06/10/2020.

Call for Youth Research Academy Consultant Jobs in Zambia ActionAid Zambia Jobs in Zambia? View and Apply Call for Youth Research Academy Consultant Jobs in at ActionAid Zambia

ActionAid Zambia


The Global Platform Zambia (GPZ) is an open space and platform for youth
networking and engagement that is run under ActionAid Zambia (AAZ). The GPZ
supports movements, youth networks, organisations and individuals to promote
the agenda of progressive youth-led change. The GPZ is part of an experienced
network of existing platforms around the world, which have developed an
effective methodology for designing, carrying out and evaluating capacity
building. The GPZ supports several non-curricular initiatives, which seek to
strategize, plan, carry out and evaluate different forms of youth-led
organising and direct action.

The Platform is a dynamic and inspiring environment where young people can
think freely, develop their own ideas and connect, discuss and act on local,
national and global political issues. The platform frequently organises or
host coffee bar discussions, radical nights and youth events.


ActionAid will host a Youth Research Academy (YRA) at the Global Platform. The
Academy is designed to enable youth to play a leadership role in research and
ultimately in the usage of generated information and other activities of the
YRA. Youth will participate in all stages of design, data collection, data
analysis, and results sharing on issues affecting them. The activities of the
YRA will be conducted countrywide and at regional level (Eastern and Southern
parts of Zambia).

Zambia has the fifth-highest adolescent birth rate in Sub-Saharan Africa,
which in turn has the highest rate in the world. About 29% of adolescent girls
become pregnant by the age of 19 years (ZDHS 2013-14). About 32% of
adolescents aged 15–17 and 60% of those aged 18–19 are sexually active in
Zambia, and therefore face risks to HIV and other STIs, especially as only 40%
of them report regular condom use. Adolescents comprise 23% of the total
Zambian population and out of these 4.8% of females and 4.1% of males are
currently living with HIV .

Although Zambia continues to record reduced HIV, prevalence, increased
Antiretroviral Treatment (ART) and reduced child mortality rates, the disease
burden has mostly affected the youths who also lack direct access to Sexual
Reproductive Health (SRH) services. It therefore becomes imperative that
youths are fully involved in making informed decisions about their sexual and
reproductive health, as well as have access to relevant care. This is what the
Youth Research Academy will endeavour to do. By providing access and
education, and reducing the stigma around sexual and reproductive health,
young people can live without fear, make smart decisions for themselves, and
work toward their dreams.


The Global Platform Zambia is looking for a consultant that will assist in
carrying out of research under the Youth Research Academy. The YRA research is
expected to run for 20 days. The consultant is expected to deliver on the

> Review and finalise the research protocol [research design and data collection tools] (2 days);
> Offer basic training on SRH, Research and data collection to youth research assistants using the designed tools for data collection in collaboration with GPZ trainers and the research assistance under the YRA (3 days);
> Pre-test research tools and refine them during the training.
> Coordinate field work and data collection and ensure quality control at all the stages of the data collection. Also Provide ongoing mentorship and accompaniment to the youth researchers and the YRA research during the data collection. (10 days) The research will be in the following areas: Chipata, Petauke, Nakonde, Copperbelt, Chingola, Choma, Nalolo, Sesheke and Lusaka.
> Provide briefs and updates to the GPZ program manager and ensure that the research is well coordinated and smoothly implemented; and
> Coordinate data analysis and report writing processes with the participation of the youth researchers (5 days).

Overall Purpose of the Study

Assess youth sexual and reproductive health challenges, services and
approaches that can improve SRH health outcomes for Youth in Zambia

Specific Objectives of the study

Objective 1: To support capacity strengthening of young people to undertake
targeted research on SRHR service delivery, the following steps will be

Objective 2: To facilitate use of youth led research findings to promote and
advocate for improved access for adolescents and youth SRHR services, the
following will be implemented.


The GPZ is looking for a consultant that fits the following criteria:

> Postgraduate qualification in social sciences or other relevant area of study;
> Experience in carrying out youth focused research and analysis;
> Traceable references and evidence of past related work;
> Ability to engage with youth and multiple stakeholders for data collection; and
> Proven policy analysis skills.


> An Inception meeting report
> Research Protocol
> Training curriculum and content to be approved by the GPZ
> Draft data collection tools that will be approved by the GPZ
> Final report on the challenges and prospects

Application process*>
Interested individuals or firms who have experience in carrying out similar
assignments especially for youth focused organisations should apply and send
email to by the 9th October, 2020, 14:00 hours.

The application should include:*>
An Expression of interest stating the methodology, time frame and approach to
deliver on the expectations as well as a capacity statement indicating the
relevant experience as well as traceable references.

> Budget proposal for carrying out the assignment.
> CV(s) showing qualifications and work experience of everyone that will be part of the consultancy team.
> A cover letter motivating for the assignment.

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Call for Youth Research Academy Consultant Jobs in Zambia ActionAid Zambia Jobs in Zambia? View and Apply Call for Youth Research Academy Consultant Jobs in at ActionAid Zambia

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