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Development of the ZOCS Strategic Plan for the Period 2021-2025

Zambia Open Community Schools

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Development of the ZOCS Strategic Plan for the Period 2021-2025 Jobs in Lusaka Zambia Zambia Open Community Schools Jobs in Lusaka Zambia? View and Apply Development of the ZOCS Strategic Plan for the Period 2021-2025 Jobs in Lusaka at Zambia Open Community Schools

Zambia Open Community Schools

1\. Background

Zambia Open Community Schools (ZOCS) is a vibrant and flagship organisation of
Community Schools in Zambia since 1992 that empowers communities to provide
quality basic education to OVC, especially girls and children with
disabilities. Premised on the principle that every child has a “right to
education”, ZOCS, through its three-pillar approach of Advocacy, Capacity
Building and Service Delivery, has accomplished much for the children and
people of Zambia, reaching out to 189,287 learners (93,507 Boys and 95 780
Girls) in 1085 demonstration Community Schools across 95 Districts in all the
10 provinces of Zambia.

ZOCS delivers its programme through three strategic pillars to ensure that OVC
have access to quality, equitable and inclusive education, retained, progress
and complete mandatory schooling in order to brighten their prospects of
reaching their fullest potential and significantly contribute to national

The three strategic Pillars are;

> Advocacy aimed at influencing education policies to leverage resources for increased support to OVC education through Community Schools Countrywide.
> Capacity building through training of Volunteer teachers in various skills (including pedagogical skills), inclusive education for learners with Special Education Needs (SEN), training of Volunteer teachers at Primary Diploma and psycho social counseling skills); training of Parent Community School Committee (PCSC) members in School governance, resource mobilization and advocacy skills.
> Service Provision aimed at direct support to the learners through upgrading of Community Schools’ infrastructure; procurement and supply of appropriate teaching and learning materials to community schools; provision of School bursaries to vulnerable OVC who qualify to Secondary School; procurement and supply of assistive devices for learners with disabilities; provide Community Schools, volunteer teachers and OVC households with economic strengthening support; and school feeding in Community Schools.

2\. Purpose and Objectives of the Consultancy

ZOCS work is guided by a 5-year strategic plan 2016 to 2020. The strategic
plan is coming to an end in December 2020 hence it is imperative that ZOCS
seeks the support of the Consultancy to develop a new 5 years Strategic Plan
for the period 2021 – 2025 to guide the organization implementation for the
same period. The SP Development is mandatory and is carried out in line with
the ZOCS Policy on strategic plans.

Strategic Plan Development Objectives

The strategic plan development objective will be; To develop a 5-year
strategic plan to ensure ZOCS fulfill its mandate

3\. Scope of the Strategic Plan Development

Overall, the Scope of work is generally the development of a new 2021-2025
Strategic plan for ZOCS that will clearly indicate key strategies and sub
plans for the different three pillars of ZOCS which are; Service Delivery,
Advocacy and Capacity Building and the results framework, The strategic Plan
should also include a SWOT analysis which will clearly indicate the Strength,
Weakness, Opportunities and Threats and how all the four elements will be
managed for the success of the 2021-2025 SP. Furthermore, the Consultant will
develop a Clear theory of Change which should be one of the key components of
the Strategic Plan and should be in line with ZOCS Mission and Vision as well
as develop a resource mobilization framework.
The development process is going to be participatory hence the Consultant must
facilitate a participatory process that would include ZOCS Staff, Communities
and the key stakeholders.

4\. Expected deliverables

The Strategic Plan Development shall not exceed 20 working days from the
Contracting Day of the Assignment. The Consultant shall provide a Schedule of
assignment for the development process within the stipulated number of days
starting from the 1st of October, 2020 up to the 28th of October, 2020.

The following are the expected deliverables

Phases Deliverables

Phase 1 (Preparation)

> TOR Development and Finalization
> TOR (Draft and Final)
> Contracting of Consulting Firm

Phase 2 (Inception)

> Briefing of ZOCS Management (Inception meeting by Consulting Firm)
> Document Review – Evaluation Report of the 2016-2020 SP and other key Documents
> Inception Package by Consulting Firm
> Inception Report detailing the methodology for the development of the 2021-2025 SP

Phase 3 (Development Stage)

> Drafting of the Five – Year ZOCS Strategic Plan 2021 – 2025 with results framework for tracking progress, outcomes and impact. The result framework should have clear results and measurable indicators.
> Preparation of Sub-Plans for: a. Education Programs which will include key strategies for providing access to quality education for vulnerable children in Community Schools through the Community School Model and Alternative Learning models, b. Advocacy which will include strategies for influencing education policies for the benefit of Children in Community Schools including advocating for other key issues including safeguarding of children’s rights and for c. Capacity Building which will include strategies that will build capacity of ZOCS and Community Schools to Provide quality services, become self-reliant with increased base of resources for Operations and service delivery.
> Drafting of a Resource Mobilization Framework for the Strategic Plan
> Draft 2021-2025 SP Document

Phase 4 (Reporting)

> Final SP Development Report
> Comments and Revision on the Draft 2021-2025Strategic Plan
> Integration of Comments and Revisions on the Draft 2021-2025 SP

Phase 5 (Dissemination)

> Final Strategic Plan Document
> Presentation to ZOCS Management, Stakeholders and Board by Power Point Presentation

5\. Methodology

The consultant will come up with the methodology in their inception report.
However, the development of the methodology should be premised on
Participatory methods which will ensure the involvement of ZOCS, Target
Beneficiaries and the Key Stakeholders including the Board in the development

6\. Competencies of Consultant(s)

The profile of the Evaluator(s) should include:

> Relevant background in social and/or economic development;
> Experience in working on education issues in Zambia;
> Experience in working on civil society issues in Zambia;
> Experience in Strategic Planning, designing, management and evaluation of development programmes and activities, in particular with policy level work, institution building and local development projects;
> Fluency in English
> Good knowledge about ZOCS Operations and target Group will be an added advantage.

7\. Management of the Consultancy

The Consultancy will be overseen by the M&E Manager in collaboration with the
Programme Manager. The Consultancy will be meeting with the ZOCS Management
Team on the agreed time intervals during the assignment.

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Development of the ZOCS Strategic Plan for the Period 2021-2025 Jobs in Lusaka Zambia Zambia Open Community Schools Jobs in Lusaka Zambia? View and Apply Development of the ZOCS Strategic Plan for the Period 2021-2025 Jobs in Lusaka at Zambia Open Community Schools

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