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Digital Mobile Solutions


This is a Full-time position in Zambia posted 12/07/2021.

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1\. Background

Together for a Just Zambia is a commitment the two agencies under the Joint
Country Programme (JCP) comprising Norwegian Church Aid (NCA) and Dan Church
Aid (DCA) have made over the next 5 years as reflected in our 2020-2024
strategic framework. The strategy is a response to high poverty levels and
inequalities as demonstrated by high unemployment levels, unequal access to
and control of resources and increased Sexual and Gender Based Violence. This
situation has been brought about mostly due to corruption, capital flight,
lack of accountability and transparency in the use of national resources, non-
implementation of laws and policies and negative effects of climate change.
All these indicators of extreme underdevelopment are seen in a situation where
Zambia is experiencing macro-economic developments which are not translated
into micro economic developments to benefit citizens.) JCP’s agenda on CSO
strengthening is to capacitate them to reclaim their civic space, mandate, and
role to hold duty bearers accountable. JCP’s mission to promote economic
justice and gender justice shall contribute to our vision of Together for a
Just Zambia by tackling root causes of poverty through Rights-Based Approaches
(RBA) and partner centered development to contribute to Sustainable
Development Goals (SDGs).

The Norwegian Church Aid (NCA) and Dan Church Aid (DCA) work together in
Zambia within the framework of a Joint Country Programme (JCP). The merger of
the two organisations took place in 2011 and NCA is the lead agency for the
programme in Zambia. The JCP strategic framework is implemented in partnership
with local church and faith based and other civil society organisations and
networks. The JCP 2016-2019 Strategic framework came to an end. The Programme
has been reviewed and evaluated with findings, lessons learnt, and
recommendations documented and used to input into the design of the 2020-2024
strategic framework. Within the context of the new strategic framework, JCP
has continued with the two strategic priority themes namely: Gender Justice
and Economic Justice which is operationalised through three thematic
programmes: (i) Climate Smart Economic Empowerment (EE), (ii) Gender Justice
(GJ) free of Gender Based Violence (GBV) and (iii) Fighting Inequality
formerly called Resource Governance (RG).

The overall goal of JCP for 2020-2024 is to contribute to creating an enabling
environment that promotes Zambian citizens and especially poor men and women,
to own and actively participate in shaping the national development agenda for
their benefit. In that regard, the strategy seeks to contribute to a Zambia
where all women, men, girls, and boys on equal terms are empowered to enjoy
economic, political, social, environmental, and democratic rights, so that
they are benefitting from a restored sustainable growth of the country.

JCP Zambia’s vision of Together for a Just Zambia is anchored on the Rights
Based Approach (RBA) that promotes and safeguards citizens’ rights for their
dignity. The overarching objective of JCP Zambia is fighting economic and
gender inequalities. To achieve this objective, JCP shall focus its
interventions on three pathways: Gender Justice free of GBV, Fighting
Inequality and Climate Smart Economic Empowerment (CSEE). Therefore, if core
and resource partners’ institutional capacities are strengthened; women and
girls live empowered lives free from GBV; if there is fair and equitable
finance and redistribution of resources and people are enabled to lift
themselves out of poverty while building communities’ resilience, then JCP and
partners shall contribute to a greater impact of a just Zambia in which Rights
Holders (RHs) (i.e. women, men, girls and boys) on equal terms, regardless of
race, gender or creed, enjoy civil, political, economic, social, environmental
rights. If JCP and partners advocate for strong institutions, concrete legal
and policy frameworks then they will be guarantee RHs economic justice and
gender justice. The assumption is that Government is tolerant and receptive to
creating an enabling environment in which policies, legal frameworks,
standards and systems and procedures foster constructive civic engagements and
respect of rule of law. JCP would like to continue service provision to RHs
even in the context of COVID 19.

For the 2020-2024 strategic period, JCP shall work in four provinces namely
Eastern, Southern, for more information follow [ this link
sh_ahh4SfV9uPkN7FeZkeucQMn7j4/view?usp=sharing) .

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Digital Mobile Solutions Jobs in Zambia NORWEGIAN CHURCH AID Jobs in Zambia? View and Apply Digital Mobile Solutions Jobs in at NORWEGIAN CHURCH AID

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