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Community Outreach Manager

Kasanka Trust Ltd

This is a Full-time position in Livingstone posted 30/03/2022.

Kasanka Trust Ltd Carreer opportunities in Livingstone Community Outreach Manager Jobs opportunities in Livingstone at Kasanka Trust Ltd

# Job Description


The Kasanka Trust the Trust has been in existence since 1986 with
biodiversity conservation as its raison d’être. The Trust has a long-running
co- agreement with Zambia’s Department of National Parks and
Wildlife DNPW. The Trust currently manages the Kasanka National Park and
supports the Kafinda Game Management Area and Mpumba community area.
Management responsibility covers an area in excess of 400 km2 with national
park status and a further 4,000 km2 of designated or planned community
conservation area. The area lies within the David Livingstone memorial zone
and the Kasanka National Park is the destination of the world largest bats
annual migration.

These protected areas are primarily representative of the central African
plateau miombo, high canopy woodland biome, but include a diverse assemblage
of rivers, lakes, swamp, wet and riverine forest, dambo, grassland and rocky
ridges. These areas possess a diverse list of large and small animal species
and a high floral diversity. The avian species diversity has been best studied
of all the animal orders and the Kasanka National Park hosts the second
highest bird list of all Zambia’s protected areas.

The Trust operates like a business guided by a 5-year strategic plan with 9
programmes. It employs approximately 90 individuals allocated to law
enforcement, park habitat and infrastructure management, community outreach
and administration. The Trust also operates its own tourism operations in both
national parks, comprising lodges, a tented camp and campsites. Revenues from
tourism are ploughed back into park management and community outreach. In the
next 5 years the Trust intends to significantly increase its impact and

The Trust’s operating areas are remote. The Kasanka National Park is in
Chitambo District some 120 km north-west of the town of Serenje and about 6
hours from Lusaka. The Mpumba area is approximately 70 km south of the town of
Mpika and approximately 3 hours by road from Kasanka. Rural clinics and
hospitals are within a two-hour radius by road. The only educational
facilities nearby are a kindergarten school at Kasanka conservation training
centre. There is a bush air strip in the Kasanka National Park.

Kasanka Trust Limited KTL has adopted a 5-year Strategic Plan 2017-2021,
defining a statement of objectives for the period towards its vision. The
Strategic Plan, which was adopted in early 2017 by the KTL Board, also newly
organized KTL’s mission into a set of nine programs. Most programs have some
degree of community involvement, with a focus on Chitambo Chiefdom in Chitambo
District, but two are especially focused on communities: Program 6 Awareness
Building and Program 7 Community Livelihood and Development. Program 6 is
implemented from the Kasanka Conservation Centre KCC at the park entrance
and reaches out to all schools in the Chitambo Chiefdom. To implement Program
7, the Trust has partnered with the organization COMACO to which it will
provide a substantial grant for implementation in Chief Chitambo Game MArea
and Chief Mpumba Community Conservancy areas. It is expected that the Trust
will collaborate with other partners such as Bangweulu Wetland Management
Board and others.

Position, Location, Reporting

The Trust is now looking for a Community Outreach Manager. This is a full-time
three-year position based at the Trust headquarter in the Kasanka National
Park. The Community Outreach Manager would report to the Trust’s General


Required qualifications

–>Degree: At least a Bachelor, preferably a Master, in the field of social or natural science;
–>Experience: At least 10 years working as a community outreach or liaison facilitator or officer or similar and preferably in the context of natural resources management;
–>Experience: At least 2 year in a position of leadership managing teams working with rural communities;
–>IT software: Proficiency with the mainstream software of Microsoft Office;
–>Language: Excellent written and spoken English and good command of Bemba
–>Skills: Team leader and builder; very organized problem-solver; good listener and communicator.

Optional but Desired Skills, Qualifications or Experience

–>Experience in Zambia national park, game management area, conservancies or gazetted forest systems especially with Community Resources Board and Community Forest Management Association.
–>Prior knowledge and good understanding of the COMACO market-based approach.
–>Prior exposure to environmental such as the school conservation clubs.

Important Additional Requirements

–>Willingness to live in a remote area in less than optimal living and working conditions;
–>Willingness to make substantial travel with a motorcycle to the communities living in the Chitambo District;
–>Driving license.

Key competencies

–>Integrity: Upholds high moral standards, personally and professionally
–>Teamwork: Co-operates with others in order to meet organisational targets
–>Flexibility: Receptive to new ideas, able to adapt to changing circumstances

Job description section to be pasted in Annex 1 of contract

Scope of work

The Community Outreach Manager shall be responsible for implementing the
Trust’s Program 6 Awareness Building and Program 7 Community Livelihood and

Core responsibilities add subsections if necessary

–>Planning and reporting . Contribute, with the Trust Knowledge Manager, the preparation of the Annual Work Plan and Budget, the Quarterly Reports and the Annual Report, especially for all activities and monitoring of Programs 6 and 7.
–>Program 6 – Awareness Building . Support the awareness building team based at KCC to ensure that the Trust objectives in program 6 are achieved. This may include, without limitation:

1. coordinating the physical development of the KCC, including the museum, classrooms, dormitories and staff housing, as a centre of excellence in environment education;
2. coordinating and supervising the Trust’s staff involved in the daily implementation of program 6, including volunteers and educators appointed by government, and including spot checking of the Trust’s work in the chiefdom primary schools;
3. contributing to fund raising effort, with the Trust Fund Raising officer, to grow the program so it can achieve its intended outcomes.

–>Program 7 Community Livelihood and Development . This program is in its infancy and will require major attention although much of the implementation will be carried out by partners, starting with COMACO, in Chitambo and Mpumba Chiefdoms. At this time, and for the foreseeable future, the Community Outreach Manager will, with a single facilitator posted in Mpumba Chiefdom, implement this program. This includes:

1. Support and supervise the implementation of the Trust’s Memorandum of Agreement with COMACO in Chitambo and Mpumba Chiefdoms including i obtaining from COMACO to accurate Annual Work Plan and Budget as well as quarterly and annual reports, ii select the villages of interventions, scope of intervention in each village, schedule of work in villages to match the Trust’s priorities, iii join the COMACO team, especially when they reach new villages, during the initial discussions and livelihood and natural resources diagnostics, iv ensure quality control and supervision of the COMACO teams, the accuracy of their reporting, v in collaboration with the Trust Knowledge Manager, work with COMACO to design a compliance monitoring system and scoring that indeed measures the community gradual compliance with land use and resource utilization.
2. Develop relations and possibly partnership with other governmental, private or non-governmental organizations active in the district with the view to help orient their activities to match the “spirit” of sustainable development and contribute to the objective of the Trust.
3. Contribute to addressing land use issues to ensure compliance with the approved Kafinda General Management Plan.
4. Contribute to writing proposals to mobilize support for district and chiefdom development based on the priority needs for sustainable capacity building and development.
5. Community institutional development.

i. Establish, or cause to establish, respectful and constructive relations
with the District Council, Chiefs and all headmen to ensure genuine
consultation efforts and contribution to sustainable development

ii. Contribute to the organization of an annual meeting of the Kasanka
National Park and Kafinda GMA Committee which includes the Management Team,
the DNPW Regional or Area Manager, the District Secretary of the Chitambo
District Council, Chief Chitambo as well as other members such as possibly the
Chitambo Member of Parliament, and one or more representatives of the private
sector working in the area, either as a full or as an ex-officio manner.

iii. Organize, in collaboration with the Bangweulu Wetland Management Board
and other partners, the capacity building of the Kafinda and Mpumba CRB
including possibly upgrading their status as formal association or trusts.

–>Team contribution. Contribute, as needed, to various activities as requested by the General Manager, such procurement committees, organization of events, Board meetings, representing the Trust at workshops or conferences, fund raising events, etc. as well as carry out other functions and tasks as may be legitimately requested from time to time, or which may be required to achieve the Trust’s objectives

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Closing Date : 10th April, 2022.

Kasanka Trust Ltd Carreer opportunities in Livingstone Community Outreach Manager Jobs opportunities in Livingstone at Kasanka Trust Ltd

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