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This is a Full-time position in Zambia posted 25/09/2019.

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WWF-World Wide Fund for Nature is the world’s largest independent conservation
organization, with close to five million supporters and a network active in
more than 100 countries on five continents. Our mission is to stop the
degradation of the planet’s natural environment and to build a future in which
humans live in harmony with nature by conserving the world’s biological
diversity, ensuring that the use of renewable natural resources is sustainable
and promoting the reduction of pollution and wasteful consumption.

Development and implementation of a community beneficiation scheme and
business model for the proposed Ntambu Community Game Reserve in North Western


Zambia has a very well developed National Protected Area System that consists
of National Parks, Game Areas, Wildlife Sanctuaries, Fishery Areas
and Forest Reserves, constituting approximately 40% of Zambia’s land area and
NPs and GMAs alone a combined 30%. In the National Parks and Wildlife Policy
(2018), it is recognized that ‘the wildlife estates network is a valuable
ecological asset on account of the various environmental goods and services
these areas provide for human welfare and economic activities’. It is,
however, widely stated that wildlife-based economies are performing well below
their potential. One such example is at community level, where the benefits of
wildlife to local communities have generally been low.

There has been recent interest and widespread recognition (through the Zambia
Wildlife Act of 2015 and the National Parks and Wildlife Policy of 2018) of
the need to diversify the wildlife portfolio and embed communities into the
wildlife beneficiation model. One such opportunity is the development of
Community Game Reserves/Ranches (CGRs) on customary land. Not only do CGRs
have the potential to directly benefit communities through job creation and
livelihoods and protein provision, but through demonstrable benefits, promote
custodianship of wildlife and natural resources and potential positive spin-
offs on Zambia’s wildlife populations. A large knowledge gap, however, is the
development of the community beneficiation business model around establishment
of CGRs.

Recently, the Ntambu Royal Establishment set aside approximately 1000ha of
land in Ntambu Chiefdom, adjoining the Chibwika Ntambu Game Management Area
and West Lunga National Park in North Western Zambia, for the purpose of
setting up a CGR. This provides an ideal opportunity and case study to
investigate the beneficiation mechanisms and financial management of the
Ntambu CGR.


The primary objectives are, in consultation with the relevant stakeholders
(Department of National Parks and Wildlife, Ntambu Communities, Ntambu
Development Trust, Trident Foundation, Chibwika Ntambu Community Resource
Board) as well as in line with the Zambia Wildlife Act of 2015:

> Review the implementation, successes and failures of other CGR developments in Zambia to date, highlighting key lessons learned. This is essential as lessons learnt will be integrated into the process of beneficiation model development and discussions with stakeholders.
> Develop beneficiation scenarios for the Ntambu CGR based on both consumptive and non-consumptive wildlife use scenarios (e.g. local meat sales and photographic tourism).
> Provide a detailed 10 year beneficiation business model and potential revenue generation options for each scenario.
> Provide a long-term sustainability model for the Ntambu CGR, including an exit strategy from subsidy.
> Implementation of beneficiation model – capacity building and training of the Ntambu CGR financial management team.

_Key deliverables & outputs with suggested timeframes _

> Detailed proposal & budget with an emphasis on suggested methodologies and implementation plan (submitted by 30 September 2019).
> Inception meeting with presentation to WWF staff on methodology and implementation plan (completed by 15 October 2019).
> Review on CGR implementation in Zambia to inform community and stakeholder engagement and business model development (preliminary report completed by October 31 2019).
> Fieldwork, consultation and stakeholder workshops (completed by 30 November 2019).
> Preliminary Report (completed by 15 December 2019).
> Final report (completed by 15 January 2020).
> Implementation of beneficiation model – capacity building and training of the Ntambu CGR financial management team (completed by 30 February 2020).

Delivery & implementation

The identified institution/individual will be required to work closely with
the WWF Kabompo Landscape Manager, partner institutions and key stakeholders.
While a portion of the required work can be carried out remotely, the majority
will have to be carried out in consultation with the various communities and
stakeholders in Ntambu Chiefdom.

Desired profile

The successful institution/candidate will be required to have sufficient
experience and knowledge of the wildlife sector in Zambia, as well as the
development of community-based wildlife enterprises in Southern Africa.

Mode of application

Interested and qualified firms or individuals should submit (i) an outline of
their skills and experience meeting the application requirements (1 page);
(ii) an approach note (1 page) summarizing how the consultants would propose
tackling the task; (iii) a budget to cover the execution of this assignment,
and (iv) a copy of their CV together with references they are able provide
from the successful delivery of similar tasks.

Electronic submissions can be emailed to [
]( – Deadline: 2 nd October, 2019

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go zambia jobs at WWF September 2019 Zambia Jobs in zambia in go zambia Consultancy Zambia Jobs Vacancies WWF Zambia Consultancy zambia Jobs best of zambia

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