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Senior Medical Officer

Mary Begg Health Services

This is a Full-time position in Zambia posted 22/09/2021.

Mary Begg Health Services Jobs in Zambia Senior Medical Officer Carreer opportunities in Zambia vacancies in Mary Begg Health Services at Zambia

# Job Description

Our Senior Medical Officers are responsible for the delivery of a high
standard of medical care together with excellent customer service at the MBHS
health facility. He/she supports the Chief Medical Officer CMO to ensure
that the hospital’s 24 hour medical service is running smoothly and
efficiently. He/she works closely with other multidisciplinary clinicians to
provide comprehensive health care services for patients and their families.

Our Doctors carry out their duties consistently, ethically and in line with
international standards and evidence based medical practices.


Medical Services

1. Maintain and promote international standards of good medical practice within the hospital in collaboration with other medical staff / chief medical officer/clinic or hospital manager/ medical director.
2. Ensure that MBHS protocols and procedures and local regulations are adhered to at all times.
3. Ensure that patient care documentation is accurate, legible and content appropriate. Every interaction with patients/clients, service and third party providers is documented accurately.
4. Ensure that patients are notified of their test results within 12 hours of receiving results.
5. Ensure that universal infection control precautions are maintained throughout the hospital/clinic.
6. Efficiently manage time between clinic hours i.e. diagnose and treat a variety of diseases and injuries in general practice by performing the following duties: elicit and record information about patient’s medical history; examine patients to determine general physical condition; order or execute various tests; analyse diagnostic images to provide information on patient’s condition; analyse reports and findings of tests and examination to diagnose condition; administer or prescribe treatments and drugs; inoculate and vaccinate patients to immunise them from communicable diseases etc. and administrative duties.
7. Assist with appropriate medical evacuation or referral services. This will include ensuring all paperwork is complete like medical reports, organising of referrals, monitoring the patient’s condition, advising on appropriate means of evacuation, and monitoring the progress of the referral or evacuation. Be available to escort patients if required during a medical evacuation.
8. Ensure compliance for other duties and responsibilities as may be required from the chief medical officer and/or hospital/clinic manager from time to time.

Customer Service

1. Foster a culture of customer service satisfaction amongst MBHS staff and patients.
2. Demonstrate good customer service by listening to patient’s concerns and providing proper support and care. Be polite and respectful in all patient or staff interactions.
3. Report to the Clinic Manager/ Chief Medical Officer where you see any evidence of poor customer service from other MBHS staff towards patients or other staff i.e. bullying.
4. In the interest of customer service, patients requesting an after-hours consultation should be serviced as per their wishes within reason.

Continued Professional Development CPD

1. Assist with the development and provision of training courses and drills on request from the chief medical officer and/or hospital/clinic manager.
2. Maintain individual clinical knowledge at an international standard through continuous , training and learning.
3. Deliver educational training courses on request by the CMO.
4. Assist the CMO in planning and executing a medical training program for the hospital.

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Mary Begg Health Services Jobs in Zambia Senior Medical Officer Carreer opportunities in Zambia vacancies in Mary Begg Health Services at Zambia

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